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  • Mexico City, August 20th, 1966
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Welcome to my portfolio

Cinema has always been my life

Production Design and Art Direction are the tools I use to express the vision of countless artists who have trusted in my interpretation of their ideas and their scripts.

I allow directors to walk into their imagination and inhabit their dreams.

It’s more than simply having good taste, although that always helps. It’s being able to transform a text into real and tangible worlds that tell stories and speak to us of their inhabitants, it’s going deep into the mind of the director to translate his ideas and concepts into atmospheres that affect us and that serve as a vehicle for their narrative. Between the color, the form, the design and the furniture, each object tells us something of the story and of those who star in it.

I like to break paradigms and to generate refuges where stories are incubated and born. I like to touch audiences with design and avant-garde art, to identify them with situations that define them.

I've been fortunate to work in almost any narrative discipline: Cinema, TV, series, documentaries, recreational parks, corporate presentations, etc… And it’s a unique team of set decorators, designers and builders that allows me to offer work efficiently and responsibly with the highest level of quality and the broadest experience.

This page talks about my movies, my worlds, my dreams.

Come inside and share your vision to make it possible ...

Dare to materialize your dreams!

Daniela Tapia Moral


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